Whether you want to be creative with a design for your scuba cylinder cover or just want your name on it so no one will mistakenly take it, Kirk Scuba Gear now has a new product called Scubacool. ScubaCool founder Garedd Strange came up with the idea while having his new cylinder refilled. He noticed that all the cylinders looked alike and decided that the solution was diverse cylinder covers. He set out to make the covers so they could be easily and quickly customized.

Kirk ScubaGear has more than 2000 designs for the covers but if you want something unique for yourself or a dive club, send Kirk Scuba Gear a photograph and we will create it. ( CUSTOM ORDERS:::::contact info@kirkscubagear.com) Works with 10L, 12L (short), 12l (standard). 15L(Al100) dive cylinders/tanks or paintball tanks. Each design comes with two plastic sleeves. Lasts, until you cut it off. Over 2,000 designs!

How to install ScubaCool::

* Keep the design rolled in the delivery tube until you are ready to fit it, to keep it clean and safe.
* Clean the cylinder to remove anything that might damage your graphic or any debris.
* Keep the tank indoors at room temperature for at least a couple of hours. Check that the tank valve protector is secure.
* Put your design around the cylinder in the desired place. The design has been made to fit the tank size you specified, but if it is necessary, trim the design to fit your tank.
* Put the plastic sleeve over the cylinder and design, making sure at least 25mm of the sleeve are over the design top and bottom. Keep the seam of the sleeve at the back of the tank so it does not interfere with the design.
* Using a hairdryer, slowly and evenly heat the sleeve starting at the back (the side that will be against your BCD). Working from the centre, go up then down to remove air pockets while shrinking. Do not go too close as it will burn or wrinkle the sleeve. It should start to shrink to your scuba cylinder. Keep going until the plastic sleeve has evenly and shrunk with minimum creases.

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