Chawel:::proudly Canadian. More than just a towel. WHY CHAWEL?
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The Chawel (chow·wel / chowel) concept began in 2002 as a solution to changing in public. Created after his first season as a beach lifeguard in Vancouver, BC. Dan often witnessed the awkwardness and sometimes embarrassment of tourists deck changing in/out of swimwear, and even at the beach. Wrapping a towel around your waist can be slow and tricky, and changing rooms aren’t always near by or clean. Using a Chawel is faster, easier and still provides you with complete privacy. Used by moms, athletes and beach go-ers everywhere, we hope you too will appreciate what the Chawel can do in many situations.

Chawels features and functions are all inspired from experiences from an active lifestyle and travel. For example, a hidden pocket built in so you can keep your valuables out of sight while you go for a dip in the water, or if you fall asleep laying on your Chawel was an idea based on experiences in Brazil.
For those traveling in hot countries, you probably never think to pack a sweater. Just think how cold you will be on that air conditioned train after being in 40 degree heat or your flight has been delayed overnight, the Chawel provides you with the extra warmth and comfort, based on experiences in Egypt, India, and S.E. Asia.

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