There are plenty of fascinating stories and characters to be found in ocean lore. We can recall, for example, the legend of the Flying Dutchman, doomed to sail the seas forever. While we’ve seen the incarnation of this particular legend in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, it’s not the only legend embedded in the pirate-film franchise.

Take, for instance, the narrative of Davy Jones’ Locker, which blends with the legend of the Flying Dutchman as shown in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Here, Davy Jones’ locker is depicted as a desolate and empty place where those who have crossed him are sent for punishment. Jones is further portrayed as the captain on duty who ferries drowned soldiers to the bottom of the sea to the afterlife. He goes on to abuse his role after being betrayed by his lover, the sea goddess Calypso.

A mysterious spirit of the great seas, he has an unforgettable appearance: octopus-like appendages give the illusion of a lush beard, and he has a crab claw instead of a normal hand.

But long before this reincarnation of Davy Jones, as traditional lore has it, Davy Jones’s Locker was used as a euphemism for drowned sailors or shipwrecks. Whenever a sailor drowned at sea and sank to the murky depths, he was said to have been “sent to Davy Jones’s Locker”–Davy Jones for many was their worst nightmare.

Davy Jones, sea devil described by Tobias Smollett in “TheAdventuress of Peregrine Pickle”, London 1751, illustrated by George Cruikshank in 1832.

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Photo Credit::Davy Jones in “Pirates of the Caribbean” Author Syaya_akemi CC By 2.0