The Nature Bag is unique in style, structure and shape. Homemade in Laos from wild-growing JungleVine™ cord, its design has been perfected by thousands of years of use on steep mountainsides by the Khmu indigenous minority. The result is a sturdy versatile eco-friendly bag evolved from the survival necessity of safely carrying a day’s harvest.
Southeast Asia’s poorest craft these environment-friendly tote bags at home by hand. Coordination and quality control come from a 23 year-old Laotian student. Skilled volunteers empower our poverty-reduction mission. Funding is entirely private, mainly from an elderly disabled American.
The stretchable durable reusable grocery bags provide a fashionable ultimate green way to leave non-organic bags behind. JungleVine™ fabric, from tropical kudzu, purifies our air by removing harmful carbon and creating oxygen to breathe. Crafting these natural bags at home aids in child nurturing, preserves traditional social interaction and needs no wasteful commuting.
Kirk Scuba Gear has taken a stand against the over-use of plastic bags. We support this product, and are pleased to offer it, to others who think the same way we do.