//4 of the Most Fascinating Maritime Mysteries

4 of the Most Fascinating Maritime Mysteries

The Baltic Sea Anomaly

In 2011, a group of divers who were exploring the floor of the Baltic Sea with sonar stumbled across an object measuring 70-meter long (210 feet) laying 100 metres (300 feet) beneath the waves. The object, dubbed the Baltic Sea Anomaly, has sparked international interest due to its intriguing shape and location.

The anomaly appears to have been handcrafted and made of metal and has an uncanny resemblance to the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, leading many conspiracy theories about its origin. Some have suggested that the anomaly is a UFO while others have suggested that it is a formation from a sunken city, buried beneath the waves.

In 2017, a team from Stockholm university studied the anomaly and found that it is a glacial formation deposit, probably left over from the Ice Age. As Volker Brüchert, an associate professor of geology at Stockholm University, discusses with the Express, “Because the whole northern Baltic region is so heavily influenced by glacial thawing processes, both the feature and the rock samples are likely to have formed in connection with glacial and postglacial processes.”


Mary Celeste

Mary Celeste in 1861

On December 5th, 1872 the Mary Celeste was discovered floating adrift on choppy seas. The ship had left New York City for Genoa, Italy on the 7th November 1872 with a cargo of industrial alcohol and a ten-man crew but when the rescue party boarded, they were surprised to find the crew had vanished, leaving behind their cargo, their possessions and a fully stocked food parlour.

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