//Are Hose Protectors Necessary or a Risk?

Are Hose Protectors Necessary or a Risk?

So in this short blog, I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions around hose protectors. I am going to start with why we have these, then go on to how you can cope without them and finishing off with the issues I see with using them. Now with all my posts my views and logic is to make things as simple and as safe as possible. First off are the hose end protectors, which you will find on nearly any new Regulator set you buy. The weakest points of the hose are the joins at either end where the rubber/plastic meets the metal fixing. In come the hose protectors, as these act as a barrier and provide additional support, stopping the hose from being kinked at this weak spot. Next up is the wrap around hose protectors, which act as a barrier from the Sun and being damaged by abrasion against other objects/environment.

Now from that you may be thinking they are great and how could we live without them! The answer is simple ‘Look After Your Kit’ i.e. Don’t bend the hoses at the joins (If this is done by you kit configuration, then adjust the configuration), pack them securely when travelling, keep them out of the sun, don’t drag the hoses over rough surfaces.

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