//British Researchers Claim Lost City of Atlantis has Been Found in Spain

British Researchers Claim Lost City of Atlantis has Been Found in Spain

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The Greek philosopher Plato wrote that Atlantis was a technologically advanced city that sank into the ocean some 12,000 years ago.

While most assume it’s a legend, some people, whether trained archaeologists or amateur treasure seekers are caught up with trying to find it.

According to one British company, the lost city of Atlantis has been found in Spain.

Merlin Burrows, a firm of satellite experts, say they have spotted remnants which match the descriptions in Plato. The firm promises that it “find anything that has been lost, forgotten or hidden with pin-point accuracy.”

Bruce Blackburn of Merlin Burrows told Yahoo News in late November 2018, “We’ve got a body of evidence that we’ve presented, and we have a whole host of proof points, and we’re quite happy for people to take a viewpoint.”

Blackburn says, “We’ve released the information, we’ve got some films, and we accept that there will be people who think, ‘What a load of rubbish.’”

The firm used aerial photography and satellite data from Landsat and Greek texts–as well as visiting the site–to identify Atlantis.

They say the specific location is in Spain’s present day Doñana National Park, on the country’s southwestern coast near Seville.

The firm say that what they’ve observed matches up to descriptions in Plato’s dialogues, and that what appears to be “concrete” at the site is 10,000 years old.

The team found what they say are the remains of bases of ancient towers, and the ruins of a huge temple that is close to what Plato wrote about.

There are skeptics, of course.

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