//Canada’s Toxic Secret

Canada’s Toxic Secret

“They came back and said, ‘Your son’s got leukemia.’
Within six days he was gone.
Six days.”

An explosive Global News investigation into a troubling trend of leaks and spills in Sarnia, Ontario’s ‘Chemical Valley’, a concerning lack of government response, and the people who believe it’s making them sick.

Chemical Valley is located in Sarnia, Ontario, where petrochemical and refining facilities emit millions of kilograms of toxic air pollutants every year. On bad days, the pollution makes breathing unpleasant — the air smells of rotten eggs and a concoction of chemicals that can induce dizziness and nausea. On the worst of these days, bad air quality can make going outdoors dangerous and residents are told to stay indoors with their windows closed.

A 2007 Ecojustice study showed that industrial facilities in Chemical Valley release more of these pollutants — substances linked with environmental contamination, cancer, and reproductive and developmental health effects — than industry in any other community in Ontario.

The community of Aamjiwnaang First Nation is surrounded by Chemical Valley. It is also home to my friends, Ada Lockridge and Ron Plain. Residents in their community report that they have suffered from a litany of health problems, including asthma, reproductive problems, skin rashes, chronic headaches, and rare cancers.

You’ll meet Ada and Ron in Canada’s Toxic Secret, and learn more about how they’ve taken legal action to defend their community’s health and right to a healthy environment in the face of extreme pollution.

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