//Crowdfunding Launched For New Freediving Lanyard By Octopus

Crowdfunding Launched For New Freediving Lanyard By Octopus

After the success of the innovative Octopus noseclip in 2016, this year Pascal Berger is introducing a new product under his Octopus brand: the Octopus Freediving Lanyard.

With many years as a deep freediver, Pascal could never find a lanyard that he was 100% happy with. There was always at least one small part that he would have liked to be different, so he decided to use his design skills and create his own version.

The use of an innovative carbon composite polymer means it is super-light and hydrodynamic while remaining as strong as aluminum, and resistant to corrosion for a longer life.

learn more at :: https://www.deeperblue.com/crowdfunding-launched-new-freediving-lanyard-octopus/



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