//Group of Divers Rescue 5 Whale Sharks Trapped in Fishing Net

Group of Divers Rescue 5 Whale Sharks Trapped in Fishing Net

Fishing nets abandoned in the oceans or generally termed ‘ghost nets’ have become a growing concern putting the lives of marine animals under threat. Aquatic animals like dolphins, turtles and other creatures get entangled in abandoned nets and die. Every year millions of marine animals are either killed or injured due to discarded fishing nets.

However, some lucky creatures get rescued before it is too late. Recently, one such video surfaced on social media that shows a group of divers rescuing five whale sharks that were entangled in a ghost net. 

In the video, the whale sharks can be seen entangled in the fishing net while a diver is seen pulling a rope tied to the net. Some other divers can also be seen. During the rescue operation, another diver is seen pulling the net with his hands while the first diver is seen trying to push a whale shark. The marine animal immediately swims into the water after freeing from the net. 

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