//How To Wash Your Scuba Gear

How To Wash Your Scuba Gear

Originally published @ Scuba Scoop August 8, 2010

Shorty wetsuit hainging to dry

Shorty wetsuit hainging to dry

Taking good care of expensive scuba gear is a very important trait that a scuba diver must get accustomed to. An exceptional part of this effort requires you to wash your scuba gear meticulously after a day of diving activity. This ensures that your precious equipment functions safely and at the same time also prolonging its life span.

Tip 1

You can start by setting up two large tubs, one filled with fresh water and the other one containing water and detergent. You may also use a hose for cleaning your scuba gear. These are basically the necessary preparations for this activity. Make sure that you rinse off sand and dirt before washing your scuba gear.

Tip 2

Always clean your scuba gear individually as each piece involves a specific methods of care to be undertaken. Let’s begin with the regulator. Now the first rule in cleaning this piece of equipment is to ensure that the dust cap is properly attached. This prevents water from entering the first stage regulator, as it contains internal components sensitive to moisture. With dust cap securely in place, submerge the regulator in fresh water for at least 4-5 minutes. Once done, allow the regulator to dry.

Tip 3

Next on our laundry list is the BCD. Start by soaking the BCD in water, shaking it up and down to wash away saltwater and dry salt crystals. Once the outer part is clean, proceed by washing its inner portion. Push down the deflate button of the low pressure inflator and use a hose to pour fresh water into the exhaust valve. Let the water flow in the bladder until it is about one quarter full then shake the BCD around until thoroughly cleaned. After doing this, empty the bladder and allow it to dry. Now you’re done cleaning the BCD, move on to washing your other scuba gear.

Tip 4

Washing the remaining pieces of your scuba gear are much easier than the previous tasks. Some of the other items remaining on the list are your fins, mask, and snorkel. Clean these items simply by submerging them in a tub of fresh water while dunking the scuba gear up and down. Once done, hang the scuba gear and allow it to dry.

Tip 5

Lastly, wrap up your scuba gear laundry session by cleaning your wetsuit, boots, and gloves. They should also be washed in fresh water, but it is also ideal to use a specialized detergent available in many supply stores. Make sure you also have a strong hanger for your wetsuit. Again, hang the scuba gear you just washed and allow them to dry.

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