//Lake Erie Technical Wreck Diving Guide

Lake Erie Technical Wreck Diving Guide

This weekend at the DC Dive Show in Washington, Erik Petkovic will present two seminars on the well-preserved shipwrecks in Lake Erie. The first, ‘Guide to Lake Erie Technical Wreck Diving’, is a seminar on his acclaimed new book Lake Erie Technical Wreck Diving Guide. Erik will take the audience below the surface to explore the deepest wrecks in Lake Erie where few have ventured. As with all of Erik’s presentations, this one provides a unique look at these wrecks through the lens of spectacular underwater photography and archival images.

Catch this talk at 12 noon in Room 304. The second seminar, entitled ‘Lost Tales of Death & Survival: Shipwrecks of Lake Erie’, is Erik’s most popular. His reputation for unique storytelling has made this one a regular sell-out. Erik has delved deep, researched hard and found some of the most astounding tales of death and survival which had tragically been lost to history… until now. One will never look at a shipwreck in the same way after sitting through this presentation. Catch this talk at 4 pm, also in Room 304.

The book Lake Erie Technical Wreck Diving Guide is packed with tales of maritime disasters: there are ships which sank more than once, were involved in wars, slave escapes and catastrophic collisions, plus daring stories of deep salvage, valuable cargoes, submarines, experimental engineering and unidentified wrecks. The guide brings to life the rediscovered history of the ships, passengers and crews. Then there are the dives themselves. Some of the wrecks are remarkably intact for their age with many rarely-seen features. The author’s in-depth original research, full-colour contributor photos and archive materials help bring these 19 enticing, challenging, rarely dived wrecks to life.

Erik A Petkovic Sr

About Erik :: Erik A Petkovic is a technical wreck diver and maritime historian specializing in shipwreck research. He has been published in multiple international dive magazines and is the author of Shipwrecks of Lake Erie: Volume One (2018). A highly sought-after speaker, Erik is available for presentations and seminars. He currently works in Washington DC and resides in Southern Maryland with his wife and two sons.

Available now in hard cover, paperback & ebook | $35 / $25 / various Available now from Divedup.com, online and retailers. ISBN 978-1-909455-30-6 | 176 colour pages | 234 x 156 mm

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