//Review:::GloRope from Kirk Scuba Gear

Review:::GloRope from Kirk Scuba Gear

GloRope::available from Kirk Scuba Gear

GloRope::available from Kirk Scuba Gear

As a repeat customer of Kirk Scuba Gear and an avid cave diver, I really wanted to write and tell you I was really impressed when I found GloRope in your online shop. I ordered some and looked forward to my next trip.

I had read a lot of the information you have on your site about  the fact that the light can last for up to 24 hours (very impressive) and that it is environmentally safe (important for me) and the difference between fluorescence and photoluminescence (very informative!)

The price was great! I ordered 100ft for less than $50 and as it will last as long as the usual nylon or polypropylene, that’s a good few dives for me….

When it arrived, it charged really quickly as stated on your site, and the luminescence seemed much brighter than any other products I had seen, which was a great safety feature for me. I also liked the fact that the “glow” was worked into the fibers of the rope and there didn’t seem to be any loss or leaking of color when I was done with it and put it down, wet.

It is always a little difficult being underwater in caves with low (sometimes no) light and it sure gets the nerves jumping. However, the light from the rope was so good that I have to say, I was pretty relaxed and really enjoyed my dive

So, just wanted to let you guys know what a great product it was, I will be back for sure!

Thanks Theresa W.

Always appreciate your business and comments.


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