//Scientists Believe Amelia Earhart Wreckage is the ‘Real Deal’

Scientists Believe Amelia Earhart Wreckage is the ‘Real Deal’

Amelia Earhart at Long Beach, Ca, with her plane. Undated b/w photo.
Photo Credit :: Vintage News

What happens when particle physics meets the Amelia Earhart mystery?

If that sounds complicated, don’t worry – basically a section of fuselage, said to be from her Lockheed plane, is being explored using nuclear power.

The pioneering aviator has been missing presumed dead for over 8 decades, since disappearing with navigator Fred Noonan over the Pacific during a round-the-world flight.

Back in 1991 Ric Gillespie – expert on the Earhart case and founder of The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) – discovered the section, or patch, on the Pacific island of Nikumaroro. A storm had brought it there.

Nikumaroro lies approx 300 miles from Howland Island, where Earhart and navigator Frederick Noonan were supposed to be headed before all contact was lost.

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