Sea Hunt

Originally Published @ Scuba Scoop July 6, 2009.

Sea Hunt/Lloyd Bridges

Sea Hunt/Lloyd Bridges

I was a great fan of Sea Hunt, the television show which aired from 1958 to 1961 and stared Lloyd Bridges. This was called “skin diving”. It peaked an interest in diving lessons for people who watched the show. There were no BCDS or gauges used — just tank, mask, regulator, fins and dive watch. Your diving watch was your “life-line”on a dive. On the left hand side of the tank, poking out was a lever called a “j valve”, long since obsolete. Once you ran out of air ( better keep an eye on your watch) you would reach back and open the valve. There was 300 psi left in the tank, which would be enough to get you to the surface. Imagine the surprise, and panic of a diver if the switch had already been pulled!

With todays equipment, training from a professional scuba instructor and following the diving rules, scuba is a a safe and enjoyable sport, and opens up a whole new world of fun!

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