//SS Cotopaxi Vanished in the Bermuda Triangle, Has Been Found 95 Years Later

SS Cotopaxi Vanished in the Bermuda Triangle, Has Been Found 95 Years Later

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the best places to dive for shipwrecks and Michael Barnette, a biologist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, has been diving one particular wreck for fifteen years.

He is now finally able to prove that it is the long lost SS Cotopaxi that disappeared in 1926.

According to edition.cnn.com, the wreck is sitting on the ocean floor about thirty-five miles from St. Augustine, Florida, and has been visited by a number of divers who, not knowing the history of the ship, nicknamed it the Bear Wreck.

Barnette had a gut feeling that this ship was the Cotopaxi but was unable to prove it because there was no bell or identifying marks anywhere to confirm the ship’s origin.

He researched extensively to find shipping records, court records of lawsuits brought forth by relatives of the dead, insurance records and any other information he could find.

He was also able to obtain the blueprints of the Cotopaxi which were extremely valuable in helping identify the wreck.

Chuck Meide, the director of the Lighthouse Maritime Archaeological Maritime Program and Barnette dove the wreck and measured everything they could only to discover that the measurements matched the blueprints and the boiler placement was exactly right.

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