//Top Tips for Underwater Photography

Top Tips for Underwater Photography

Scuba diving opens up a whole new world of underwater discovery and one of the best ways to capture memories is with underwater photography.

Combining diving with photography, whilst trying to watch stunning (and often moving) marine life, presents its own challenges though.  It is an addictive hobby and one that requires patience, practice, and some insider knowledge on how to get the best image.

Master Buoyancy Control

One of the first skills to master before becoming an underwater photographer is buoyancy. Good buoyancy is key for capturing images and reducing shaky camera movements. Holding the camera with both hands also helps to create a clear and in-focus image.

Start Shallow

Starting shallow is also advisable as there is more light available. It is well-known that the first 10 meters of water are ideal for colourful shots whilst divers practice their skills. Staying shallow also avoids the need for strobes and other costly equipment.

Get Closer

Another top tip is to get closer to the subject. Getting close to the subject reduces the amount of water between the subject and camera lens, which reduces the number of particles visible in the image. It is also a great way to ensure you chosen marine life fills the frame.

Know Your Equipment

Having the right photography equipment and knowing how to use it are of course important, as is choosing the subject and knowing where the hotspots for that subject are.

Read the full Underwater Photography Tips and Techniques article to find out more about equipment use, plus discover macro and wide angle hotspots around the globe.


This article was written by divers and writers for LiveAboard

Photo Credit:::::Bat Fish in Sipadan Malaysia. Copyright Vicki Jones

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