//Why the Small Scuba Tank is a Scam

Why the Small Scuba Tank is a Scam

This video is produced by Christian Wedoy and is his opinion.

Don’t be fooled by the scam marketing of this product. They will promise you can swim underwater with these tanks for up to 10 minutes, but that is a scam.

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Are small scuba tanks safe?

These small scuba tanks can dive to a maximum depth of 6 metres (20 feet). It does not include a depth gauge. How will people be able to use it safely? The Scorkl, a 0.5 litre water capacity, 200 bar (2,900 psi) dive cylinder with a regulator and mouthpiece attached directly to the cylinder, is one of these products. It has a pressure gauge on the mouthpiece that can be read without having to remove the device from your mouth. There’s also the larger Scorkl Pro, which can hold up to 20% more air. If the Scorkl falls out of your mouth, you’re out of air.

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The Scorkl is marketed as a shallow diving kit that allows you to breathe freely beneath the surface without the need for bulky scuba equipment. Scuba certification is not required. The starter kit, which includes a hand pump, costs approximately $700.

The Scorkl does not meet EN 250 requirements and was manufactured as a shortcut, intended for shallow diving.

Suggestions and or/Possible Outcomes from using the Snorkl (or products similar)::

  • Physically fit and not for use by children under 10
  • Proficient Swimmer and comfortable in the water
  • Pulmonary Barotrauma aka Burst Lungs
  • Never hold your breath
  • Ear Barotrauma aka Burst Ear
  • Decompression Sickness aka The Bends
  • Air Quality?

“This is a suicide device wrapped up as a toy,” one commentator on the Kickstarter page a few years ago put it.

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