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Aqua Lung The Elemental Package for Beginner Scuba Divers


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This is the Aqua Lung The Elemental Package for Beginner Scuba Divers.


Aqua Lung The Elemental Package for Beginner Scuba Divers

FREE Shipping in the USA


Calypso Regulator:::

The reliable, robust and refreshed Calypso regulator is compact, lightweight and perfect for beginner divers and dive centers. The Calypso regulator has been a dependable favorite for decades and has been emulated, but never equaled. Redesigned with a youthful twist, the new Calypso is has an attractive new look to go with its always attractive price. The Calypso is durable and dependable in even the most demanding conditions. Its easy-to-maintain, lightweight, compact and comfortable design makes it a great fit for beginners and for use in dive centers. Dive centers will appreciate that this new version is compatible with previous versions.

This product qualifies for Free Parts for Life!

1st stage
The Calypso is compact, easy to pack and easy to store
The high-flow piston technology ensures excellent reliability and high performance
Enjoy more stable medium pressure out thanks to the large diameter piston
Designed with large holes in end caps for easy cleaning and better thermal exchange and improved resistance to freezing
Built with few components for easy maintenance
Includes a second filter, which can be change without dismantling and provides increased protection from polluted air
For dive centers, a numbered sticker can be used to identify the regulator, easing the renting and tracking process
Avoid water retention with the open yoke screw
The dust cap adjacent to the body protects the yoke inlet fittings against shocks
2nd stage
The unique Comfobite mouthpiece, with patented roof of mouth bridge, reduces jaw fatigue
The removable and reusable clip facilitates quick and easy mouthpiece changes
With few components and easy access to the exhaust valve through a clipped deflector, maintenance is easy
The in-line Venturi knob offers effective and progressive adjustments using an ergonomic design for easy manipulation, even with gloves.
The polyurethane purge cover offers significant abrasion- and tear-resistance, protects from shocks, allows for easy water purging, and decreases inhalation effort
Side openings prevent free flow when facing into currents or riding a scooter
Reinforced polycarbonate makes the second stage stronger
The Deflector splits up bubbles to decrease noise and protect the valve from expiration

ABS Octopus:::

The ABS Octopus combines good breathing performance with the benefits of a low profile body style.

Unique 120° angle between hose and mouthpiece: This Aqua Lung innovation is ideal for giving your octopus to a buddy – will work in either right hand or left hand positions. No more sharp bends in the hose or upside down octopuses in the mouth
39″ yellow hose easily distinguishes your ABS hose from your primary hose. This high visibility hose is easily spotted in case of an out-of-air emergency
Exceeds CE breathing requirements for regulators
Versatile design allows proper function when right side up or upside down
Custom quick-release mounting clip keeps the ABS properly located on the body at all times

2-Gauge Console::

Our 2-gauge console includes a Pressure Gauge, Depth Gauge and Writing Slate. Designed with ease-of-use and simplicity in mind, the pressure and depth gauge displays are designed with such features as a luminescent gauge face for easy reading in low light. In addition, the 2-gauge console can be easily upgraded in the future with the addition of a Compass.
The Aqua Lung Pressure Gauge delivers both remaining air pressure and temperature in one easy-to-read display.

Easy-to-read scale up to 5,000 PSI / 350 bar rated
Luminescent gauge face for easy reading in low light
Integrated temperature scale
Nitrox compatible up to 50%
Swiss made, shock resistant Bourdon tube
One way safety valve
Hose length is 36”/ 91.44cm
Depth Gauge

The Aqua Lung Depth Gauge, with its specially designed depth scale and luminescent gauge face, allows for easier reading at a glance.

High fidelity depth scale provides accurate and easier reading at shallow depths
Maximum depth indicator
Luminescent gauge face for easy reading in low light
200 foot / 60 meter maximum depth
Wrist mount boot allows for future upgrade to the i300 dive computer module


The Pro is a wrap-around jacket packed with tons of features such as large, easy–to-access utility pockets, scooped octo-pocket for easy octo storage, 3 D-rings to handle all of your accessories, and flat valves to reduce drag. With its advanced ResisteK material, it will hold up to the rigors of salt and chlorine and retain its good looks. All these great features coupled with its aggressive price make the Pro the perfect BC for all your adventures.

A proprietary backpack has a built in carrying handle
Technologically advanced ResisteK material resists fading and abrasion
A large, easy-to-access utility pocket is found on each side of the Pro
The waistband is adjustable in the back to accommodate a wide range of waist sizes
The low profile flat valves reduce drag when moving through the water
A scooped octo-pocket on the top front of the right lobe makes it easy to stow and deploy an octopus. The octopus remains visible and accessible throughout the dive
A scooped instrument pocket (or octo-pocket) is also on the top front of left lobe, giving versatility of use
A tank positioning strap allows you to set the Pro at your preferred height each time
Features 1 stainless steel and 2 plastic D-rings for all of your accessories
Right shoulder pull dump is easy to locate and use and the lower rear dump is ideal when in a head down or horizontal position
All pull dumps have large pull bobs that are easy to locate and grip while wearing gloves
Adjustable chest strap for personal comfort
Optional accessories include the Airsource, reflector kit and retractor kit

Sizes XSmall to XLarge



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