//Best Destinations for Wreck Diving

Best Destinations for Wreck Diving

Wreck diving is fascinating and provides unique opportunities to delve into human history whilst enjoying exceptional marine life. There are shipwrecks in shallow and deep waters for all divers to enjoy at top shipwreck destinations around the globe.

One of the great things about wrecks is the high biodiversity they support. As wrecks settle in the water, they are taken over by nature and act as a refuge for all sorts of marine life; from macro through to shoals of reef fish and giant pelagics. This diversity of life provides great photographic opportunities for divers and plenty to explore alongside the wreck itself.

Another benefit of wreck diving is experiencing human history first hand. There is nothing quite like diving wrecks from military campaigns, such as World War II, and learning about what occurred at that time from museums and history resources.

To truly experience the adventure of wreck diving, it is worth visiting one or more of the top wreck diving destinations.

Egypt has world-class wrecks and fantastic water visibility. Wrecks such as the SS Thistlegorm, Dunraven, and the four famous wrecks of Abu Nuhas, are popular choices. Liveaboard operators such as the Emperor Superior and Emperor Elite even offer Egypt liveaboard diving wreck itineraries.

Micronesia is a wreck diver’s paradise and is known for numerous World War II wrecks, the Iro Maru freighter wreck, and of course Chuuk (Truk) Lagoon. Chuuk has great options for Tec diving and also for less experienced divers. Liveaboards visiting Chuuk, such as the SS Thorfinn liveaboard, offer the chance to dive amidst aeroplane fuselages and engines, trucks, ammunition, and other wreck debris.

The Cayman Islands, Philippines and Solomon Islands are also top wreck diving destinations with their own unique highlights. From sunken submarines to the scene of one of World War II’s heaviest sea battles, there is plenty to choose from. More information about these wreck destination highlights can be found in Best Places for Wreck Diving.

Pictures:::Main is diving the wreck of the Thistegorm and Second is Tank of the San Franciso Maru


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