//Where to Cage Dive with Sharks

Where to Cage Dive with Sharks

Great white sharks are an impressive shark to dive with. There is nothing quite like the first moment one of these sharks approaches a diver and they see first-hand how immense and barrel-shaped the sharks are. As a former great white shark dive guide, I have lost count of the number of times divers have been nervous of getting in the water with great whites and yet have come out of the water beaming. Divers can’t stop talking about how graceful, calm, and awe-inspiring the sharks are. This is particularly true for people who have not experienced sharks before or had an acute fear of them. Cage diving with sharks can be a life-changing event.

Thankfully there are various destinations where divers, and non-divers alike, can cage dive with sharks, be that with great white sharks or other species. This variety of destinations allows people to choose a location that is convenient, plus a dive style that is suitable for the experience level of the group. One of the advantages of cage diving is that it also offers the opportunity to experience open-ocean shark dives without needing to be a strong swimmer or qualified diver. It is an experience suitable for all.

Two of the premier cage diving destinations for diving with great white sharks are Guadalupe Island off Mexico and the Neptune Islands off Australia. Both locations have different dive types and shark highlights to offer; including ocean floor diving, surface diving, and the seasonal arrival of large female sharks. They are popular choices for divers wanting to experience liveaboard shark diving.

There are also three other main destinations for great white shark cage diving, some of which offer land-based dive trips and the opportunity to experience the ‘flying Great Whites’ of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. There are also destinations, such as sunny Hawaii, where people can cage dive with other types of sharks. More information about these top places for shark diving can be found within Where to Cage Dive with Sharks.

This article was written by Kathryn Curzon, a diver and writer for Liveaboard.com

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