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Glorope ORB Flashlight Waterproof Capsule

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This is the Glorope ORB Flashlight Waterproof Capsule


Glorope ORB Flashlight Waterproof Capsule:::Proudly Canadian


With the added use of an Orb Capsule, the ORB can be easily taken underwater during scuba diving or other water sports.

Want to take the GLO Hybrid Technology ORB Flashlight underwater? Place the Orb inside the watertight capsule to take it scuba diving up to 300ft. The Orb capsule is also great for heavy rains and water sport activities. The capsule is great for storage while camping or just to increase the durability of the product. Hybrid Technology ORB Flashlight Sold Separately.

The ORB is an accessible piece of safety gear that can be easily attached to clothes, key sets, diaper bags, backpacks and more.


We are proud to provide a reliable photo-luminescent product that is non-toxic, non-radioactive and contains no liquids or gels. These products are not designed to light-up an entire space, but rather be used as markers for specific items.

Glows for approximately 6-8 hours


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