///Underwater Kinetics SL4 ELED (MK2) Light for Scuba Divers

Underwater Kinetics SL4 ELED (MK2) Light for Scuba Divers


This is the Underwater Kinetics SL4 ELED (MK2) Light for Scuba Divers.


Underwater Kinetics SL4 ELED (MK2) Light for Scuba Divers


Model: SL4 eLED -L1

Dimensions: (L W H in/cm): 6.20 x 1.70 x 2.50 in / 15.75 x 4.32 x 6.35 cm

Battery Type: 4C Alkaline / LR14 Disposable

Lamp Type: eLED

Lumens: 600

Burn Time: 6 hr

Weight: 15.2 oz / 426 g

Depth Rating: 500.00 ft / 152 m


• Machined reflector yeilds a bright center spot, which gives the light the

ability to penetrate the darkest ledges or murkiest water

• All polymer construction makes it impervious to seawater, the enemy

of steel and aluminum alike

• Single handed switching with thumb or index finger

• LED will not break when dropped and lasts thousands of hours

• Equally great performance in and out of water for home or work

• Rubber sheath molded over bezel to reduce glare and improve impact


The SL4 has the added benefit of providing light when all other solutions

have failed. Even after the batteries are mostly exhausted, the SL4 can

still emit several lumens for up to a week of continuous use

The SL4 has been the gold standard for small utilitarian dive lights for decades. Owning a SL4 is owning a piece of scuba diving history. It is compact enough to slide comfortably into a BC pocket and has a bright center spot to light up dark spaces under any type of diving condition.

Now, UK is introducing the updated and enhanced Mark 2 version of the SL4. For the first time, we are using a digital controller to take maximum advantage of all four C-size batteries. The SL4 Mark 2 boasts an eye-watering 600 lumens of brightness, while retaining all the great qualities that made it the most popular dive light in history.


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