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Mask Leak Sealant 1/4oz for Dive Masks


This lubrication is to prevent your mask from leaking. Whether its: facial hair, smile lines, skin wrinkles, or any other issue that is making your mask leak, this will stop the leaks.


Mask Leak Sealant 1/4oz for Dive Masks


This lubrication is meant to go on your mask and seal to your face, lasting up to 6 or more dives before needing to be reapplied.

Unlike vasoline and other lubricants, this will not break down the silicon of your mask or cause any damage to your equipment.

Clear, and odorless, this lubrication has what it takes to make your dives more comfortable with a mask that not only fits right, but now functions correctly!!

Will last 40-80+ leakless dives(depending on the amount used).

Actual jar may look different than pictured as prices on jars fluctuates and we adjust to keep the price low.

This product usually ships with USPS with the small size.  The shipping amount is usually $2.00 – $3.00.


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