ScubaMax Versa BCD Package


Built from precision, originality and performance, ScubaMax equipment works to combine durability and affordability. Our products embody the contemporary design and the professional composition needed to help divers perform better, feel better and explore better. It is not only about the style and comfort, it is the experience. Our one simple goal is helping you achieve the best underwater exhibition we can provide.


ScubaMax Versa BCD Package

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Versa BCD::

Versa BC is soft compact and easily foldable into luggage for travel.
The Versa has high-lift air cells with internal gussets to increase mobility and reduce stress.
Two tank straps for safety.
Two dump valves with rapid exhaust capability.
Multiple D-rings for accessories.
Adjustable side release shoulder buckles.
Large zippered pockets.
One on each side.

M | 38
L | 49
XL | 61

Classic Piston Dive Regulator (FG-11AS)

This is Scubamax’s classic piston regulator with the maximum working pressure of 3500 psi(232 bar -Four 3/8″-24 UNF-2B intermediate pressure ports (135-145 psi) -One 7/16″-20 UNF-2B high pressure port -Stainless Steel springs and an enhanced high polished chromium plated brass body -Suitable for use in waters having Temperatures of 10 C (50 F) and higher.


Non-adjustable 2nd stage regulator (regulator and octopus)(OT-XAS)

  • ScubaMax’s Newly designed classic downstream demand valve provides reliable and effortless airflow
  • 145 psi intermediate pressure
  • 1.0125 CIW (column inches of water) inhalation effort
  • 1.1 CIW exhalation effort -30+SCGM (air supply: 3000 psi)
  • Hoses included

Full size two gauge dive console (GA-07)

This Italian made full size two gauge console is equipped with air filled heavy-duty steel case depth and pressure gauges. ScubaMax made this gauge with a maximum for the depth gauge at 230 feet and the maximum for the pressure gauge is 5000 psi.

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