///ScubaMax Versa/Travel BCD

ScubaMax Versa/Travel BCD

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Afford to dive and travel with the ScubaMax Versa BCD, another welcome addition to diver’s gear.


ScubaMax Versa/Travel BCD


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  • 420 TPU nylon construction
  • Soft backpack for easily folding
  • High-lift air cell with internal gussets
  • Two large zippered pockets
  • Substantial buoyant lift in larger sizes
  • Less than 1 pound of inherent buoyancy

ScubaMax’s new Versa BC is soft, compact and easily folded into luggage, but the Versa does not allow travel convenience to betray utility. The Versa is still a great BC. It has high-lift air cells with internal gussets to increase mobility and reduce stress; two tank straps for safety, two dump valves with rapid exhaust capability; multiple D-rings for accessories; adjustable side-release shoulder buckles; large zipper pockets, one on each side; two rear 5 lb fixed weight pockets and an adjustable depth compensation cummerbund with 1.5″ front closure.

Manufacturers Warranty. Kirk Scuba Gear is an authorized dealer in Canada for ScubaMax

Review from Scuba Diving::


The Versa 3000 is a big BC in many respects: It tends to be cut big; it comes with big cargo pockets; it also offers some big-time buoyant lift and a large-capacity weight-ditch system. On the other hand, the BC is surprisingly lightweight; in fact, it’s one of the lightest BCs in this category, and its soft pack makes it fold able for easy traveling. The BC offers some extra back and lumbar padding, and the power inflator is sized and shaped for easy handling. The double tank straps grab the tank securely, minimizing tank wobble. The integrated-weight system uses squeeze-buckle-style releases that increase security but make ditching weights a bit more involved, though test divers still considered it easy. The lack of a lift handle made hefting and hooking the BC to a tank more of a challenge than with other BCs, though not untenable.

Bottom Line:

While a little bulky for some tastes, the Versa 3000 offers the lift capacities and weight system for temperate water use, and it’s fold able and lightweight for easy traveling.


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