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SeaSoft QuickPack BCD for Shallow Water

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The SEASOFT QUIKPAK™ Diving Vest can hold up to 20 lbs. of soft weights, which are easily released in an emergency by pulling the bright yellow “rip-cord” mounted on the right shoulder. When the “rip-cord” is pulled, the bottom of the weight compartment is opened allowing your weights to drop free.

The new SEASOFT QUIKPAK™ Diving Vest is designed to hold a 13 or 19 Cu. Ft. tank without an air cell or buoyancy system. This diving vest holds only enough weight to make you neutrally buoyant. This allows the diver to dive in very shallow water in situations requiring quick entry and/or a limited air supply. Some of the applications are search and rescue, shallow water recovery, research, boat maintenance, cutting a prop loose that has become entangled, or any other shallow water applications.

The SEASOFT QUIKPAK™ Diving Vest should only be used by an experienced diver and must be used with supervision and training in its operation. Initial training should be obtained under the guidance of a certified scuba diving instructor.

The SEASOFT QUIKPAK™ Diving Vest, is the professional choice for shallow water situations requiring quick entry, limited air supply and mobility!


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