///Abyss Dive Suits :: Nova Scotia, Canada

Abyss Dive Suits :: Nova Scotia, Canada

Abyss Diving Suits Ltd.
3650 Hammonds Plains Road
Unit 14, Suite 349
Upper Tantallon, NS
B3Z–4R3 Canada

Kirk Scuba Gear rates Abyss as # 1 in the Dry Suit World


Kirk Scuba Gear knows Gim and Denise Gheorghe, owners of Abyss Diving Suits. Abyss Diving Suits are located in Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia.

Photo Courtesy of Abyss Dry Suit

Here is Gim’s story:::

Owner and operator, Gim Gheorghe, knows first-hand how divers feel about their life-support equipment. Before founding Abyss Diving Suits 25 years ago, Gim worked as a commercial diver in Canada and Eastern Europe and had served on the Romanian Navy’s underwater team. Those whose livelihoods depend on reliable, well-crafted gear appreciate good-quality exposure suits.

Divers compress and inflate their suits daily at great depths while being subjected to scrapes, snags, and constant tugging and pulling. Yet despite the abuse, divers expect their suits to perform at a high level so they can do their job safely and timely.

Gim was able to see how different designs held up under heavy use during his six years with the Romanian Navy. Training was often made more complicated by a mix of Russian, French and English gear with an occasional mystery piece thrown in. Some of the gear was good, but some not, so dive team members got extensive formal and field training in repairs and maintenance of equipment.

Gim soon came to appreciate items that were well-made and noticed that the best products often shared common characteristics. They were simple in design and manufactured with high-quality materials, thus making them easy to use, durable and trouble-free to maintain.

There is no better dry suit made in the industry today. These suits rate a solid 10 from Kirk Scuba Gear.

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