///ScubaMax Kids 3mm Neoprene Full Wetsuit, Shorty

ScubaMax Kids 3mm Neoprene Full Wetsuit, Shorty

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Another great product/wetsuit from ScubaMax….quality product and a great price.

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ScubaMax Kids 3mm Neoprene Full Wetsuit, Shorty


Smooth neck seal to keep water trapped inside, flat stiching for durability, back entry for easy use, and a zipper with a pull cord so you can don the wetsuit without aid.

A warm water shorty wetsuit offers some protection from the cold, while still allowing you full range of motion. A short wetsuit is perfect for a summer dive, keeping you comfortable and unrestricted and most importantly warm. This keeps you in the water longer without worry. Without long sleeves and pant legs, they’re also much easier to get into and out of then other suits. A shorty wetsuit is also perfect for younger divers and snorkelers, especially children, helping them with buoyancy while still keeping them protected.

  • Back Zip with Leash (pull cord)
  • COLOUR: Black with Blue Accents as shown in picture
  • Kids sizes: 4,6,8,10,12,14

Manufacturers Warranty from Kirk Scuba Gear, an authorized dealer for ScubaMax  


Size 4 6 8 10 12 14
Height 4’2″-4’4″ 4’4″-4’6″ 4’6″-4’8″ 4’8″-4’10” 4’10”-5′ 5′-5’2″
Weight 35 or less 35-50lbs 50-66lbs 65-80lbs 80-95lbs 95-105lbs
Chest 24″ 26″ 27″ 29″ 31″
Waist 21″ 23″ 24″ 26″ 28″
Hips 26″ 27″ 29″ 31″ 33″

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