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Deep 6 Eddy Flippers for Scuba Divers White or Blue


Limited Sizes

This is the Deep 6 Eddy Flippers for Scuba Divers.


Deep 6 Eddy Flippers for Scuba Divers::Limited Sizes


Once they’re gone, they’re gone.  Want to change that?  Make them fly off our shelves fast!

  • Ported blade flipper design
  • Spring straps
  • Lightweight for travel
  • Stiff and powerful
  • Close to neutral in water

Temporarily in blue!  When we designed the Eddy Flippers, we didn’t want to just create another “me too” product.  Instead, we incorporated all the best characteristics of various scuba diving flippers into one.  We started with a blade design including ports to allow for better propulsion and we added a foot pocket that is actually designed to fit a human foot wearing a wetsuit or drysuit boots with a comfortable strap.

The perfect design deserves a perfect material.  We mould our flippers with a XXX material to ensure they’re the right stiffness for maximum power, lightweight enough for travel, and really comfortable to dive.
A note on the material:  The S/M comes in a similar polymer material, just with a bit more flex to make the flippers a bit softer.  All other sizes come in the standard flex material.  Please contact us with any questions.

Recommended Sizing
Sizing depends on the type of boot you’re wearing, not your shoe size.

Customers have found wetsuit boots with a flexible sole in sizes 5-8 fit best in an S/M,    9-11 LG,  11-13 XL, above size 13 the XXL. When wearing wet-suit boots with a thick “sneaker” type sole or a dry suit-boot you should go to the next larger size. If in doubt get the next larger size as the spring straps are adjustable for a more custom fit.

Remember that a normal shoe is sized for the outside dimensions of your foot, which stays pretty consistent. Fins; however, have to be sized to fit the outside of whatever foot protection you choose and vary greatly depending on the brand.


Weight 22.5 oz.(663 gm)
tip to the heel of foot pocket 20.5″
tip to strap 21″
foot pocket toe to heel 9″
foot pocket width 3.75″
foot pocket height 3″


Weight 35 oz. (1038 gm)
tip to the heel of foot pocket 21.25″
tip to strap 22.25″
foot pocket toe to heel 9.25″
foot pocket width 4.25″
foot pocket height 3.25″


Weight 39.7 oz. (1125 gm)
tip to the heel of foot pocket 21.7/8″
tip to strap 22.7/8″
foot pocket toe to heel 9.5″
foot pocket width 4.4″
foot pocket height 3.5″



Additional information


Options::Colour and Size

Small Blue, XLLarge Blue, Large Blue, Small White, Large White, XXLarge White


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