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Pinnacle Cumfo Belt for Scuba Divers


This is the Pinnacle Cumfo Belt for Scuba Divers.


Pinnacle Cumfo Belt for Scuba Divers


-Weight pouches can accommodate both block and shot weights
-Pouches are strong and large enough to hold 7 pound weights
-Pouches are self draining
-Velcro closures keep weights securely in pouches
-Sturdy, corrosion-free stainless steel buckle
-Rubber strip inside belt prevents slippage
-Two D-ring attachment points
-4 different sizes:
Small comes with 4 weight pockets: 25″ to 40″ waist lengths
Medium comes with 5 weight pockets: 30″ to 45″ waist lengths
Large comes with 6 weight pockets: 35″ to 50″ waist lengths
Extra Large comes with 7 weight pockets: 40″ to 55″ waist lengths
(Note: Waist lengths include diver’s thermal protection system)

3 Colours::::Black, Blue and Yellow

The Cumfo Belt is the highest quality, most feature packed weight belt on the market today. Available in three different colors and in four different sizes, there is a Cumfo Belt for every diver’s size and weight-carrying needs. Drysuit divers, technical divers, and larger divers who have needs that supersede the capabilities of weight integrated BCs will find all of their desires met with the Cumfo Belt.


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