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Custom Made and Personalised SCUBA Mask Straps


This is the Custom Made and Personalised SCUBA Mask Straps


Custom Made and Personalised SCUBA Mask Straps


High quality neoprene is used to make the straps for custom-made and personalized SCUBA masks. There are two types to choose from: a full replacement type that snaps onto your mask with velcro on one side, or a thread through type that lets you use your existing mask strap.

Select one of our many designs, then add your unique text to make it your own. Not what you want to see? We can also embroider your custom design onto the mask strap if you send it to us.

Dispatch: Although we work hard to ship out orders as soon as we can, it may take up to three weeks for us to send your items. Due to the fact that your customized SCUBA products are made to order, we require this time to get them out the door and onto your dive gear.

You choose the mask strap to be a:

  • Thread through version, where you use your existing rubber mask strap and thread it through

  • A full mask strap which replaces your rubber one and is secured with velcro

Both versions will not just reduce the chances of hair entanglement, but also will mark your mask as your own.

Both versions are made from long lasting neoprene in Australia and will be shipped to you anywhere within Australia. Normal shipping time is 3 weeks from order placement, but in most cases we are much faster than that.

As this is a custom made order there are no refunds.

International order: We ship international orders once per month, therefore it could take up to 7 weeks for international orders to be dispatched.




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