REVO RE Polarized Sunglasses


Revo sunglasses are manufactured and distributed by the Luxottica corporation.


REVO RE Polarized Sunglasses


  • NEW
  • Stylish
  • Optical quality
  • Revo Sunglasses lenses provide excellent resistance to abrasion and scraping, but still with optimal visual qualities
  • Special treatments reduce thickness and weight
  • Help protect the eyes from strong sunlight that can harm the conjunctivae and corneas of the eyes
  • Sunglasses are the most widely available ophthalmic devices sold over the counter that are regulated by the FDA
  • Innovative Revo sunglasses are like no other sunglasses in the world
  • Great mirror coatings provide 100% UV protection
  • Excellent wearability, maximum comfort and versatility will satisfy the most demanding sun glass wearer.

In 1985 Revo began applying the special coatings developed by NASA to protect satellite portholes from outer space radiation, to sunglass lenses. This is how Revo Sunglasses were first created. Since then, they have been providing the highest innovation level.

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