Revo Sunglasses


Made in ITALY

  • Acetate frames
  • Ideal for sports and active living
  • Lightweight frames are ideal for withstanding extreme temperature conditions
  • NEOPHAN GLASS lenses filters light waves naturally, enhancing color and heightening contrast. This means you get even brighter color and sharper vision through a wafer-thin lightweight 1.8mm lens
  • All Revo lenses are equipped with polarizing filters to protect your eyes from reflected glare from water, snow, sand, or road surfaces, giving you perfect vision, wherever you are
  • Revo’s revolutionary Oleophobic coating is more than simply water resistant: it also repels all oil-based substances, including grease, oil and make-up. Non-smudge lenses that are quick and easy to clean
  • The Revo gradient flash mirror system maximizes protection against direct glare, its so subtle, you won’t know its there
  • Six layers of anti-reflective coating on the back of the lens eliminate bounce-back glare, preventing irritating light interference, ensuring total comfort
  • Revo lenses filter up to 90% of blue light waves. They are designed to allow the necessary amount of blue light to enable clear color definition, while blocking the dangerous waves that can cause blue blur, hazy vision and eye strain
  • Help protect the eyes from strong sunlight that can harm the conjunctivae and corneas of the eyes
  • Sunglasses are the most widely available ophthalmic devices sold over the counter that are regulated by the FDA.

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