Springer Dog Leash for Bikers

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Over 700,000 sold since 1988! Now available in Canada from Kirk Scuba Gear after an absence. KSG is pleased to be carrying this product again.


Springer Dog Leash for Bikers

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The Springer bike attachment allows you to bike safely with your dog, while promoting better health for you both.

This unique dog exerciser is easy to install. Attach the Springer clamp to the frame or seat system. Then use a pull pin to secure the Springer arm to the clamp.  The heavy-duty steel spring, positioned low on the arm, absorbs up to 90% of the force of a dog’s tugs. And that allows you to keep your balance on the bike, while protecting your dog from traffic, pedals, and wheels. If your dog gets caught around a tree or hydrant, the safety release will free him instantly.

Manufactured in Norway, the Springer has been used successfully by over 600,000 families.

For the Springer products, we offer a lifetime warranty on all metal parts.

We will refund, or exchange, your product 100% if the product is unused, unopened, and has the tag still on. Minus the shipping cost.

If the product is open and used returns will be subject to a 15% restocking fee, since we can not sell it as new. The shipping cost will not be refunded and customer will be responsible for return shipping.

Recommended to purchase with the Springer Dog Leash::::Safety Release Pack

Fact and Questions::

Do I need to train my dog to work with the Springer?
No, most dogs adapt to the Springer immediately.  However, if your dog is not well conditioned, gradually increase your riding time over the first several weeks.
What surfaces should I ride on?
Ideally, you would ride on dirt roads, forest pathways, and other soft surfaces.  Or, if you have paved bike paths with grassy shoulders available, you can ride on the hard surface, with your dog running beside you on the grassy area.  If you do cycle on paved roads, just be cautious about the speed you ride, to protect your dog’s paws.
If my dog veers off in a different direction, will I need to adjust the Springer while I’m riding?
No, with Springer, you can keep both hands on the handlebars at all times.  The Springer keeps your dog gently, but securely, by your side, protecting him from pedals and wheels.  If he does run around a tree or fire hydrant, the patented safety release will release your dog instantly, keeping you and your pet safe.
Will the Springer work on my mountain bike?
The Springer now works on most regular, touring, and mountain bikes.  Should your bike frame have a teardrop-shaped down tube, you can now attach the clamp to the seat stem and use the adaptor on the clamp to lower the Springer arm, allowing you to create a better fit based on the size of your dog.  (Adaptor is sold separately.)
How do I know if I need the Z-shaped adaptor?
Most tubular-shaped bike frames don’t need the adaptor.  But if you have a frame with a teardrop-shaped down tube, and your seat stem is too high from the ground for the Springer arm to perform optimally with your dog’s height, you may need the adaptor.  If you have any questions about this, just send an email to info@kirkscubagear.com and we will answer your questions to gauge whether or not this will be helpful in your particular situation.
What tools will I need to install the Springer?
The Springer package comes with two main components: the clamp and the Springer arm.  The first time you install the Springer, you will need a 13mm wrench to secure the clamp tightly to the bike.  But after the initial installation, no tools are necessary.  The Springer arm just slips on and is secured with a pin.  When you want to remove the Springer arm, simply pull the release pin to detach the arm.
What if I want to switch the Springer between two bikes?
In that case, we recommend purchasing a second clamp, so that you can attach that to your second bike – and then you won’t ever need any tools to move your Springer arm back and forth between bikes.


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