Shipwrecks are treasures

Photo Credit:::http://www.clickorlando.com/news/shipwreck-discovered-on-florida-beach Most people don’t realize it, but shipwrecks are treasures for us to find.  Almost like the Pirates of the Caribbean and Treasure Island, there is treasure in shipwrecks. Recently, there has been more buzz around the

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Discover the Vibrant Underwater Delights of South Florida

Florida Dive Map Travellers looking for a unique location for their scuba diving holidays should take a trip to Lauderdale-By-The-Sea in South Florida where they can divide their time between beautiful pristine Broward beaches and the warm ocean

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Key Largo dive spawned young girl’s passion for scuba

It was during a cruise on the family boat from Hamilton, Ontario, to the Bahamas that Tess Miller came to appreciate her parents’ passion for scuba diving. Just eight years old at the time, Tess, from London, Ontario, had taken

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Jill’s Journey for “We are Water”

Originally published 7 July 2012 @ Scuba Scoop When Jill Heinerth isn’t cave diving, she’s submerged in the issue of water. Water quality, quantity, access and overuse are all critical matters for her. “All that we have wrought upon our

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Mystery photo reveals story of sponge-diving movie star

Originally published @ Scuba Scoop 8 February 2012 John Michael Gonatos, sponge diver The debonair diver strikes a Hollywood pose in his patched canvas wetsuit, hands resting on either knee, head cocked, with a cigarette dangling from his

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Living a dream in the deep

Originally Published @ Scuba Scoop November 16, 2009 Fraser Debney Fraser Debney and his friend wanted to get their advanced scuba rating quickly so they would not be excluded from some of the most interesting dives at southern

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