//A Rope That Does More Than Its Name Suggests

A Rope That Does More Than Its Name Suggests

Scuba diving in low-visibility often involves dark water, such as at night or in cave systems. Those who enjoy diving in caves or at night need to use a glow-in-the-dark scuba diving rope. Glo-Rope’s glow rope is a leading name in these products, and for good reason. Using high-quality materials, Glo-Rope guarantee performance and longevity at very reasonable prices. The use of such items could end up saving a diver’s life.

Many scuba divers like to collect ancillary equipment, and some of it gets used more than others. Knives, torches, compasses, computers, and ropes are just a few examples of items which aren’t vital to recreational scuba divers, but can be very useful. Some are only taken on a dive in case of exceptional situations. Others are used more often. One item that is vital for night divers and cave divers is a glow-in-the-dark scuba diving rope. Glo-Rope now offer a truly wonderful product that is available in lengths of your choice.

What is a Glo-Rope?

The Glo-Rope illuminated diver’s rope is a nylon double-braided rope that uses natural energy to glow in the dark automatically. For cave divers, it’s often vital to use such a rope simply to navigate back out of the cave. It is also useful for night diving and technical diving, but more about that later.

How does it glow?

Using natural photoluminescence, the rope automatically glows in the dark and can do so for extended periods of time. The rope quickly recharges itself when exposed to daylight. Due to its high-quality materials, the ‘glow’ is bright, glows for a long time, recharges quickly, and the product has excellent longevity.

Glow Static Kernmantle Rope - 7/16″

Where would I use it?

Normally glow ropes are used during cave diving and night dives, but their use isn’t limited to those times. They can be used for any type of scuba diving from a private dive in a cold lake in North America to a Similan Island liveaboard cruise in Thailand. In fact, both of these types of dive are likely to include low-light situations, especially after sunset. They don’t have to be used in the dark.


How strong is it?

There are two versions available, each with different thickness fibres. Even the thinner rope can withstand tolerance of over 100kg (240lbs.). And the thicker one can withstand more than double that! The ropes are very strong, and therefore often get used for more than just being seen in the dark and followed. Their uses include diving during the day as well as at night or in caves.

Does it have a use other than at night or in caves?

Glo-Ropes are more than just cave diving navigation lines. They have several other uses in the dark and during daylight. For example, night divers who don’t venture anywhere near a cave may want to use a Glo-Rope to mark their way along the reef. Or another example is in the rare case when the boat used for night diving has a power failure, it would be almost impossible to locate the boat from underwater. The Glo-Rope could be to the boat’s dive deck or other entry & exit point. Therefore, divers can more easily find their way back, enabling them to safely surface at an exact location. Technical divers also go deeper than recreational divers, and many require drop tanks at depth which could be in dark water. Glo-Ropes are ideal for such situations, as they increase the chances of the diver easily finding the vital drop tank.

You never know when your next dive may be in conditions of poor visibility, even during the day time. Also, the rope takes up very little space when not in use and it requires almost zero maintenance. And due to the low price, there really are several good reasons to add this item to your set of dive gear. And don’t forget that it could end up being a life saver.

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