//Descent Checks – Vital on Every Dive

Descent Checks – Vital on Every Dive

Periodic checks with your dive buddies while diving is always a good thing.  Things can start to develop in a negative way, and fast.  Just because you met your dive buddies on the hang line from the boat, or the edge of the cliff before descending into the abyss, does not mean something did not change.  Things can happen at a moments notice.  Descent checks are vital to the success and enjoyment of every dive.

Every now and then I’m on a road trip with my family where we are caravanning with other people.  Prior to departure for the trip, we will plan out our schedule and where we are stopping, especially if we are separated.  Fortunately, today’s technology allows us to get up-to-date information with our phones by calls, text messages, or someone posting a status update on social media.

Scuba diving, on the other hand, does not have the luxury of technology while diving.  Although some manufactures have created underwater housings for smartphones, most tech divers will not be bringing this along for a few obvious reasons.  We do not have the luxury of saying “hey buddy, I need a little help” before you reach your final destination, such as a shipwreck at 150 feet. In a perfect world, maybe things will go just fine. The slightest problems can still happen between the surface and 100 feet while descending.  I can list at least a dozen issues that have actually occurred on tech dives.

This is why descent checks are so important.  To complete a descent check, you would perform the following tasks.

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