//FreeDiving in the 60’s

FreeDiving in the 60’s

By the 1960’s, female freedivers had created to a point, where they asserted a greater spot in the archives of apnea. In the mid 1960’s, ladies, for example, Giliana Treleani (Italy) and Evelyn Patterson (Great Britain) had gone past 30 meters profundity. The control later known as Constant Weight Apnea was designed by ladies, Italians Francesca Borra and Hedy Roessler some time before taken on by individual comrade Stefano Makula in 1978.

This short film was captured, compiled and edited by Ken Paddock of the Sea Searchers Spearfishing Club in Portland, OR. Footage was originally taken on 16mm film and transferred to DVD. All credit for this film goes to Ken. This is a great piece of Oregon freediving (and scuba) history that I felt needed to be shared.

Mike Pierce @ YouTube

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