How “cool” are we scuba divers. Well, we are pretty cool in that we have taken a scuba diver course, purchased  gear, explore the beauty underwater that land lovers can’t see, and travel to exotic destinations to take in beautiful fish, corals and shipwrecks.

How cool do we look underwater? Maybe not so much:::most dive gear is black, such as wetsuits and BCD’s. Some colours have been added with these products, and dive accessories.

Well, its time to make yourself stand out and be the “cool diver” in the underwater world. ScubaCool dive/cylinder covers can make this happen.

What happens when you take a scuba diver who loves the deep waters and let him be creative with his equipment? Some new ideas could emerge to make your diving experience even better. That is what happened when Garedd Strange, founded ScubaCool to provide diving enthusiasts with the best scuba diving cylinder covers, so that you can quickly and easy customize your scuba diving tank or cylinder.
Just after Geredd qualified for diving, he was having his new cylinder refilled when he noticed that all the cylinders looked the same. He suddenly realized that there was no way to easily and quickly identify his cylinder. He tried all sorts of different things to identify his cylinder, to make it look more personalized and cool, such as the mesh net, (slip during a dive) neoprene, (add buoyancy, slip, wear out quickly) painting by a pro, (expensive) stickers (rub off, get bleached in the sun and leave a sticky residue on your cylinder).

Garedd thought ::  I should customize my cylinder with a really great design, change it when I want to, and still display all the test/hydro stamps for refills and remove it in seconds for inspections etc.

ScubaCool Cylinder designs is the answer.

Is a design on a “poster like paper” (non neoprene) with almost anything you can imagine on it, and two plastic sleeves are enclosed. Wrap the design around the tank, add the plastic sleeve and use a hair dryer to set the plastic. Pick a scuba tank graphic cover that suits your mood, character or style.

ScubaCool Specs::

DOES NOT alter buoyancy.
Allows for inspection stickers and hydro-testing stamps to be clearly seen.
Shrink the covers on yourself with a normal hair dryer.
Once they are on, they won’t come off until you cut them off.
Doesn’t harm or alter your tank in any way.
Covers dings, scratches and blemishes on tanks.
Does not promote the rusting or pitting of tanks.
Environmentally friendly.

Looking for a special design for your dive trip, dive business, liveboard, etc? Just send us a picture and your wish is our command.

Be the “cool diver” in the picture!

Lots of designs to choose from Kirk Scuba Gear.

Kirk Scuba Gear is pleased to offer ScubaCool tank covers for North American divers.

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