//Stop FedEx From Shipping Shark Fins

Stop FedEx From Shipping Shark Fins

Shark populations are declining around the globe, with over 140 species of sharks swimming towards extinction. The demand for fins, for use in shark fin soup, is a major reason sharks are disappearing – over 73 million sharks are killed for their fins every year.

FedEx does and will ship shark fins, as long as they are packaged properly and won’t spoil. This is their policy for anything being shipped for ‘human consumption’.

The shark fin trade has been dealt a blow recently by UPS who publicly announced that they will no longer be shipping shark fins, a great win for sharks.

Now is the time to prevent another huge transporter, FedEx from picking up where UPS left off.

Make a difference and help save our oceans by speaking up and signing this petition to tell FedEx to stop shipping shark fins.

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