//Kirk Scuba Gear and Shipping

Kirk Scuba Gear and Shipping

In Kirk Scuba Gear’s 9 years of business, the three most commonly asked questions are::

“What is the shipping cost?”

“How long will it take to receive my purchase?”

“Why is the shipping cost so high?”

Shipping is a reality when making any online purchases from e-commerce businesses’. With that being said, it is convenient to “shop in your pj’s”, save on gas, running around and time.

Kirk Scuba Gear’s products are not stocked (inventory). This way we have no store front expenses/inventory/heating/staff etc. expenses and can keep prices lower for the consumer. We order from our multitude of suppliers and shipping is charged to us when we process our your order.

Most products ordered through our site are not shipped within Canada and thus the preferred mode of shipping is USPS to Canadian customers. USPS is our choice as this method eliminates duty fees that arise from UPS and FedEx shipping methods.

It is our policy and always has been to NEVER to overcharge the customer for shipping. Smaller items do ship cheaper, (Canada) and a partial refund is expedited back to the customer.

Many products over $50.00 ship for FREE in the USA, (noted on product) and Kirk Scuba Gear has some suggestions for Canadian customers to save on shipping::

Have your parcel shipped within the USA::

To a relative in the USA

A vacation spot in the USA

Get a UPS/mailbox account in the USA

Use a holding centre at a border city

In our never ending quest to make shipping costs a priority, here is a site that offers shipping alternatives::

Cross Border Pickups

At any time, you, the customer, have questions about shipping, please contact us. Please let us know before your order is completed your choice of alternative shipping methods. In some cases, invoices can be reduced in $ amount. We will ship to your preferred location. As per Kirk Scuba Gear’s policy, your preferred address MUST be in your payment from PayPal. This is for the protection of the customer and Kirk Scuba Gear.

learn more at ::






Kirk Scuba Gear will continue to offer excellent customer service and the best pricing for scuba/snorkeling and outdoor gear for Canadian’s  and now has added alternative shipping methods for the customer’s convenience.






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