//Kirk Scuba Gear introduces Fenix Lights

Kirk Scuba Gear introduces Fenix Lights

Kirk Scuba Gear is now a direct supplier of Fenix Lights

These Fenix lights have proven to be a leader in the modern illumination tools market, making lights that incorporate cutting-edge technology, to provide an extremely high quality, bright, and durable set of products used by emergency professionals and hobbyists alike.

Our goal is to bring the Canadian divers, policemen, and outdoor enthusiasts the best possible lights. Fenix are an affordable price without compromising quality.

Built in 2004, Fenix light Limited is a company specialized in R&D, manufacturing, sale and brand operation in the field of high- quality illumination tools.

No matter if you are a diver, outdoor sportsmen, or camper, Fenix has the light for you.

Very low cost shipping in Canada. Ships from Canada.

learn more at :: http://www.kirkscubagear.com/?s=Fenix+&post_type=product

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