//Mighty St Clair River

Mighty St Clair River

Kathy Dowsett, Owner and Operator of Kirk Scuba Gear

Kathy Dowsett, Owner and Operator of Kirk Scuba Gear

Originally Published @ Scuba Scoop July 6, 2009.

Water, Water everywhere. Water was always a part of my life from swimming in the St Clair River and Lake Huron, to swimming laps for many years in a pool. Always thought of taking up diving—one excuse or the other, then my Father drowned in Vero Beach, Florida in 1990. He was a good swimmer, but the rip-tides got the better of him. After that diving went out of my mind.

One day while getting my hair cut from a PADI Master Teacher Diver, she suggested I take up diving. I thought about it, since at the time kinda between jobs and was looking for something to do besides cleaning the house!!! I thought this should be easy. Ha Ha. I watched the video, studied my book and in I got. Had some troubles with buoyancy, the mask leaked etc etc, but kept going. However my open water dive was a bomb. Panic set in, mask leaked, BCD not a proper fit, all sorts of problems. Went home from trip in Ohio (Gilboa) and thought, this is not for me.

My instructor called me and persuaded me to try again. So this time, off to the St Clair River I go with fellow divers, right below the bridge, where the current is swift. Just before I jumped in I saw am image of my Father, like a guardian angel over me, and this time I knew it would all work out—it did, and I passed my Open Water Dive. I turned my passion into a business. I created a website kirkscubagear named after my Father. He was my guardian angel that day, and for that I am thankful, and my website is dedicated to him.

Kathy Dowsett, Owner and Operator of


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