//New snorkel passes Divemaster’s test

New snorkel passes Divemaster’s test

Originally published @ kirkscubagear’s Scuba Scoop 9 September 2012

 Tested and Reviewed by Fraser M. Debney PADI Divemaster (313014)

A review of the TREK Folding Roll-Up Compact Semi Dry Snorkel with Purge

I had the opportunity to try the TREK Snorkel, and I have to admit to being impressed with its easy use and compact design. As a PADI Divemaster, we need to ensure we have access to standard equipment, and a snorkel is an integral part of surface time when rough water or high seas prevail. The folding feature also allows me to keep the snorkel available, but not deployed when assisting with instruction with student divers and not result in interference like a regular fixed snorkel generally does.

Trek Folding Roll Up Compact Semi Dry Snorkel with Purge available @ Kirk Scuba Gear

Trek Folding Roll Up Compact Semi Dry Snorkel with Purge available @ Kirk Scuba Gear

The TREK Snorkel rolls into a convenient and space-saving configuration, or easily attaches to your mask strap with a conventional strap clip for sufficient security.

I tried the snorkel with both PADI Standard methods of using a snorkel, being the “Displacement” and “Blast” methods. Both of these snorkel methods are taught during a PADI Open Water diving course, and are assessed as course standards.

The TREK Snorkel performed perfectly during both tryouts in the confined water scenario (pool training session) with great ease of use both fixed to the mask, and when deployed on the water surface.

In an open water dive, I deployed the snorkel in a simulated “rough water” condition, and struggled more with BCD access, than I did with attaching and clearing the snorkel. Once attached, which was simple to do with the easy clip, the snorkel performed well, with good air venting from tip to mouthpiece. The purge valve works perfectly, which allows for clearing if water does come in through the top end. But that is hard to do since there is also a splash guard at the top of the snorkel, so truly the only way for water to enter the snorkel tube is when you dive with it.

During the open water dive, I also removed the snorkel on the water surface, and stored it back into my BCD pocket. Again, this was easy to do because the snorkel rolls into a compact size, perfect for BCD storage.

In my opinion, the TREK Folding snorkel is a great inexpensive product that I would highly recommend to any and all divers/snorkelers at all levels, and for dive professionals to consider if they want to ensure they maintain their standard core equipment while instructing, but have the liberty of not having the snorkel deployed unless required, or for demonstrating skills.

Thanks Fraser

Kathy Dowsett

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