//Scuba Jobs: What It’s Like to Work on a Liveaboard

Scuba Jobs: What It’s Like to Work on a Liveaboard

Scuba Jobs: What It’s Like to Work on a Liveaboard

Liveboard Diving

Below is an interview with Marco Villegas – a PADI Instructor who’s made a career out of working on different liveaboard boats around the world. We asked Marco to share his experience and advice, and he was kind enough to do so in English and Español.

What inspired you to become a diver? Que te inspiro a convertirte en buzo?
Since I was a kid my parents encouraged me to practice water sports and one day I decided I wanted to know how everything looks below the water that I enjoyed so much for so many years.

Desde que era niño, mis padres nos alentaban a practicar deportes acuáticos y un día decidí que quería saber como era todo bajo el agua y fue así como empezó mi pasión por el buceo.

Why did you decide to become an instructor? Que te inspiro a convertirte en buzo?
After two years of working as a PADI Divemaster I realized that becoming an instructor allowed me to get people involved in the marine world and teach them not only diving but awareness of the marine world. The job opportunities also are better for an instructor; so for me it was a win-win situation. However I wasn’t completely sure about my skills, so I decided to wait another 2 years and gain experience.

Después de 2 años de trabajar como divemaster, me di cuenta que al obtener la certificación de instructor tendría la oportunidad de enseñar a las personas lo magnífico que es el mundo marino y al mismo tiempo, crear conciencia de lo frágil que es. Las oportunidades de trabajo que se presentan son mejores para un instructor, entonces para mi era la situación perfecta, no estaba completamente seguro de mis habilidades así que decidí esperar dos años más para adquirir experiencia adicional.

Did you start off working on liveaboards? Empezaste trabajando como guía en liveaboards?
I started to work on a dive shop doing day trips. I did that for about two years when I got my first liveaboard opportunity. After that very first time I truly loved the idea of a job on liveaboards.


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