//Some say the Loch Ness Monster is real. Nessie sightings, pictures, theories, myths & facts

Some say the Loch Ness Monster is real. Nessie sightings, pictures, theories, myths & facts

Since the 1930s, the Scottish Highlands have been a favorite tourist attraction for all mystery lovers from all over the world. The Loch Ness monster has attracted more visitors than many natural attractions or museums. People got so obsessed with the mysterious monster that they even gave it a cute name, Nessy. The misty lake draws tourists who are willing to wait around the lake with cameras for hours, all hoping to get an epic shot of the famous water monster.

But how did it all start, and why? The legend of Nessy dates from the 7th Century, but it wasn’t worldwide news until the 20th century when a London man claimed to have seen the water beast. After that, other people came forward saying that they’d seen Nessy and the rumour spread like wildfire. Soon after, the seekers started arriving.

Curious tourists from all over the planet started visiting the lake and waiting for the monster to appear and pose in front of their cameras. There have been many investigations over the 20th century, including 24 sonar-equipped boats that scanned the lake’s bottom, but there has never been any official evidence announced to the public.

However, people keep believing in the incredible story of a dinosaur-looking water monster that hides in the waters of Loch Ness.

There are many different explanations about what Nessy actually is. Versions vary from well-known animals to trees, seismic gas to the classic long-necked giant amphibian. One of the first explanations was that the creature is an enormous eel. Eels do live in the lake for real, so it’s possible that one of them grew to incredible dimensions for some freakish reason.

Another study claimed that the animal visible on the famous photo is an elephant, and what we see is its trunk. Also, that the elephant photo was taken somewhere else and faked to look like it was taken at Loch Ness.

To get there, you need to fly to Inverness, the area’s largest town with an airport. If you want to go by train, the station is in the center of the town, and there are direct lines from London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow, in case your flight is to one of these cities. When you reach Inverness, you can rent a car and drive the 5-mile ride to Loch Ness.

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