//Tilos Frameless Mask

Tilos Frameless Mask

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Tilos Frameless Scuba/Dive Mask

Tilos Frameless Scuba/Dive Mask

A Frameless mask is basically a mask that does not come with a clunky heavy weighted plastic frame around the lens that you see found on most masks available in low end stores like Target or Walmart.

A frameless mask is pretty light, and forms to your face easier. Framed masks add weight and do not feel natural on the face.

The Tilos EXCEL Frameless Mask Promise:

With this particular mask not only are you going to be provided with a comfortable fit, but the single pane lens has a very low drop in the bottom area to provide you with more of a view when looking down. It also has the frameless brow area placed up really high so you have a more undisturbed view.

The mask was comfortable, very comfortable. I am used to cheaper Target/Walmart   masks with large bulky neon colored frames. Placing the Tilos Excel onto my face was like placing air on my face. The mask is lightweight, and seeing how the masks tempered glass is shaped so perfectly, there is nothing in the way of your view. Underwater you get a great view. You can literately see everything thanks to the high brow, and low eye drop area.

Fog however became an issues pretty early on. I even used the ol’ toothpaste remedy to cure the fog, but apparently it didn’t work. Thanks to they Wide ii mask fog wipers I was able to rid my mask of fog, but still it was bothersome to have to wipe away the fog on a constant.

After doing a rinse with baby shampoo to the mask though, the fog issue was no longer present. I recommend you place toothpaste on the masks window frame, and baby shampoo to reduce fog to nearly nothing before using the mask.


The Tilos Excel Frameless Mask is very comfortable. You can wear it for hours, and it would be great for snorkeling, and diving. Its lightweight so you do not feel fatigue. he strap is very easy to adjust, and this particular mask will give you a view like no other. It is seriously as if you are looking down at the sea with your actual eyes, because there is no obstructions when it comes to the Tilos Frameless Mask.

A wonderful mask all around. 4.5 stars out of 5 in my opinion.

I highly recommend the Tilos Frameless Mask to divers and those who enjoy snorkeling.

Reprinted from Melanie Dee’s review @ Lifestyle

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