//What not to do when you learn to scuba dive?

What not to do when you learn to scuba dive?

Scuba Diving is an underwater recreational sport that has gained immense popularity of late. The dive enthusiasts spend most of their time in expectation of a quality dive; however, they lose out on the basics that are important for a dive: Safety. There are some basic rules that need to be followed to enjoy a safe and pleasurable dive in the waters.

The safety is one of the most crucial factors that is considered in this sport. If you want to learn to scuba dive ensure that your instructor gives you proper theoretical as well as practical training. Some of the important things that you should not do while practicing this sport include the following:

Hangovers can hurt underwater

If you are serious about learning diving then it important that you leave the pint out. A tall glass of beer or small volumes of alcohol can result in terrible consequences while diving. Always remember that hangovers hurt and they become worse underwater. The air pressure on your head is doubled and you feel nauseated if you dive after a good drink previous night. To avoid the suffocation and misery, it is advisable to drink light or just leave out alcohol from your menu the previous night.

Don’t miss out the theory

For the first-time divers, it is always exciting to go underwater and not even pay attention to the basics. Most young or amateur divers tend to leave out the basics aside. It poses a great risk to the divers and it can also become life-threatening if practical classes are focused more than theory. It is important to understand important aspects of diving such as buoyancy and different safety measures before going for the actual dive.

Don’t Forget your Buddy

Scuba diving can be a memorable experience and offer you all the fun if you have a buddy close at hand. Don’t forget a buddy for your first classes or even dive in a group. A buddy is always required in case of any emergency or safety issue. More than a safety tip, diving with a buddy is a good way to learn and sharpen your skills and helps in understanding the basic facts about group diving.

Instructor is always right!

Listen to your instructor. We tend to neglect the wise words of our dive trainers and take their instructions lightly; whereas, one should pay proper attention to their lessons. An instructor is a trained and experienced dive expert who understands the different aspects and circumstances related to quality diving.


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