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Sherwood ST1000 1000 Lumen Scuba Diving Light for Scuba Divers

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This is the Sherwood ST1000 1000 Lumen Scuba Diving Light for Scuba Divers


Sherwood ST1000 1000 Lumen Scuba Diving Light for Scuba Divers

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The Sherwood ST1000 provides a surprising amount of light for this 6″ (15.25 cm) in length torch.

  • Provides Surprising Amount of Light for 6″ (15.25 cm) Long Torch
  • Regardless of Where-You-Dive, ST1000 Torch Will-Come-In-Handy
  • 3-Power Levels: 100%, 50%, & SOS Strobe
  • Power Level Outputs:
    • 1000 Lumens at 100%
    • 500 Lumens at 50%
  • Burn Times: 1-Hour at 100%, 2-Hours at 50%, 3.5-Hours in SOS Strobe
  • Battery Indicator: Green Full Charge, Yellow 50% Power, Red Low Power
  • Power: Rechargeable IT18650-A Lithium-Ion 2600mAh Battery
  • In-Unit USB Charger
  • Recharge Time: 4 to 5-Hours
  • Penetrating Narrow 12° Beam Angle
  • Push Button On/Off & Mode Switch
  • Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum for Strength & Durability
  • Triple Ridge Seal Design
  • Dual O-Ring Seals for Maximum Protection
  • Depth Rating: 328′ (100 meters)
  • Padded Carry Case w/Top Grab Handle & Zippered Closure
  • Includes: Battery and Charger Cable

Regardless of where you are diving, the ST1000 Torch will come in handy. With three power levels 100%, 50%, and SOS Strobe, an in-unit USB charger, and two separate O-Ring seals for maximum protection this is a superb unit. Light provides 1000 lumens of brightness in 100% power mode and 500 lumens in 50% mode. Powered by an IT18650-A lithium-ion 2600mAh battery that gives a burn time of 1-hour at 100%, 2-hours at 50% and 3.5-hours in SOS strobe. A battery indicator tells when to recharge with a green light when light is fully charged, yellow at 50% power and red when battery is low. The lights recharge time is 4 to 5-hours. The Sherwood ST1000 Light has a penetrating narrow 12° beam angle and push button on/off and mode switch. Light is made from aircraft grade aluminum for strength and durability, has a triple ridge seal design and is depth rated 328′ (100 meters). Included with the light are a padded carry case with top grab handle and zippered closure, battery and charger cable.

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